Our Movers Guide to a Stress Free Move

Our movers guide, to a stress free move:

• Book a reputable company, where they have a business name and registered trading address. And have reviews visible for you to read up on. And are fully insured with both Goods in transit, and public liability.

• Make sure to tell your movers what is going on arrival (and what isn’t if some items are staying) your movers will work out what to load and when. So, finding out there are all those extra items in a side room can effect how the loading is going to go and the time taken .

• Packing: If you’re doing your own packing, try to use the same size boxes. This might seem like a small thing but it massively helps with the loading of the van, saving both space and loading time. Try not to overload your boxes, not only can they be too heavy to handle, they may not hold the weight put into them. N/A if you have asked your movers to carry out all packing prior to the move.

• Preparation: One of the most important things on the day is to make sure you’re ready to move before your van gets to you. There’s nothing worse than getting to a job and the house looks like it would on a day to day basis. If you’re not ready to move this is only going to add time and stress to both you and your movers day.

• Furniture Contents: Wardrobes and sets of drawers need to be emptied, yes we can take the drawers out full, and put them back in on the van. But then we have to do this at the other end which can add time to your removal.
It’s a lot easier if all clothes are put into strong black bin liners.

• Clean: Try to have a quick tidy up before your removers get to you, alot of people clean the house once everything is packed in the van. Meaning some items get loaded in the van covered in dust, meaning your taking those dirty items to your new property.

• Labelling: Try to label all boxes or items to let your movers know what room there going into, this will save you having to stand and direct every item as its taken off the van at the new property. It may also be helpful to label the doors at the new property with what room it is.

• Dismantle any items of furniture (unless you have arranged prior for your movers to do so) That triple ikea wardrobe you built in that bedroom isn’t likely to go down the small set of stairs in one piece…

• Meter readings: Remember to take a note (or photo) of your meter reading as you leave your old property and as you get to your new property

• Funds: Please have the available funds accessible on the moving day, we’ve had a recent problem where the people couldn’t afford to move on the day they’d booked. Unfortunately we can no longer accept Cheques as payment.