23 May

What do you look for when hiring a man and van?

Everyone needs a man with a van at least once in their life! There are literally hundreds of man and vans out there but what should you look for when hiring a man with a van?

Ask for recommendations from family and friends
When you are considering hiring a man and van ask your family and friends for recommendations. When people are happy with a service people are happy to recommend them, obviously being your family and friends you can trust their recommendations. We are get a large majority of our business through referrals, check out our Facebook page or our Recommendations page for comments from our customers.
Ask your man and van for insurance details and check they are CRB checked.
Ask your man and van whether they are CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) checked and also for details of their public liability insurance and goods in transit insurance. The first is to see if they have a criminal record, which may or may not be of interest if they are disappearing with your personal belongings, and the second is to ensure that if they accidentally damage your property they have insurance to cover it. A Small Man with a Big Van has all the relevant insurances (see about us page) and Ben Savill is CRB checked through the YMCA charity collections we conduct each week.
Has the man and van got a professional image?
You can usually spot a professional man and van from a rogue trader from the state of repair of their vehicles. Look for professional, sign written vans which are in a good state of repair. If the man and van doesn’t look after his own property why do you think they will treat your processions with care? Look for professional websites and social media profiles, if they have a good on-line presence you can confident that they take their reputation seriously.
Usually a local man and van will provide the best price
In the majority of case’s your local man and van will provide the best price as distance to travel is factored into the cost. Possibly the exception to that rule is for people relocating to an area, for example people relocating from London to Cheshire often find A Small Man with a Big Van more competitive than their local service providers due to the increased costs of working in London. It’s always worth getting a quote from the man and van in the area you are moving to. An added bonus is they are usually a good source of local knowledge!
Be clear about the price!
People can get caught out be rogue traders who add on costs on to a job which were not agreed upfront. The majority of man and vans will charge by the hour although there may be a surcharge for long distances. Just be clear about their pricing model, all prices for A Small Man and a Big Van can be found on the website.

I trust our tips will be useful when selecting a man and van! Don’t forget we are always happy to help so either leave a comment below or give us a call on 01260 273 317

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