Meet The Team


Ben Savill

Ben is the owner and founder of a small man with a big van and is always out on the van.

Chloe Savill

Chloe is Ben’s wife, Who takes the bookings, does the quotations, and occasionally is out on the van.

Phoebe Savill

Phoebe is Ben and Chloe’s Daughter who is already learning the ropes of the removal business and it’s no secret, shes already ‘the boss’.

Braxton Savill

Braxton is Ben and Chloe’s Son who was born in Nov 2019 so spends his day in the office with Mummy and Nanny, making more work for them!

Dawn Savill

Dawn is Ben’s Mum, who spends all day in the office, taking the bookings, doing the quotations and answering the phone/emails and social media.

Brad Armitt

Brad is the newest member of the SMBV team. AKA Thor! He joined us in April 2019 and is out on the van. Standing at 6ft odd he looks the part!